Funding Criteria

Statement on Funding Criteria:

EBS considers various criteria when deciding whether to fund a project;

1. Community Need:

It is important to demonstrate wide community support and appropriate consultation.

2. Value for Money:

It is important to demonstrate anticipated costs are reasonable and represent good value, usually through a tender or quotation exercise .

3. Viability:

EBS carefully vets all applicants as to their suitability to carry out proposed projects. This not only ensures compliance, but also that the necessary skills and experience are available to projects. It is also important that other funding, planning consents and any contingencies have been considered

4. Sustainability:

It is important that maintenance plans and budgets are demonstrated.

5. Added Value:

It should be illustrated how SLCF funds lever in other sources of funding, utilise volunteers, enhance disabled access, meet biodiversity targets and attract local authority support as appropriate.

6. Proximity:

The proximity of projects to landfill sites or waste transfer stations should be demonstrated.

These are general comments to explain EBS's position, however, we encourage contact from any source as we will help direct applicants appropriately if we cannot be directly involved ourselves.
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